About Us

About the CTN Group

The CTN Group consists of a cohesive and mutually enhancing group of engineering companies spread through the south of England, with sites in Hampshire, Cambridge and Kent. We create all manner of machined engineering products for industrial use in medical, automotive and general industry. We work to the very highest standards and invest regularly in new machines to meet client requirements and stay at the forefront of technological innovation.


CTN has a proven track record of running small engineering companies, with the contacts, knowledge and reputation to successfully integrate different operations. Owned and run by three directors—it controls four operations that collectively have some 60 CNC machines, and 40 employees.

While there are many commonalities between different operations, there are also significant differences. Some are designed to produce very large quantities of relatively small parts: R.L. Morris, for example would think nothing of purchase orders for 50,000 components. Others focus on medical-grade precision, where the customer is not seeking high volume production, but rather looking for documented assurance of compliance with exacting standards of manufacture of complex parts: Aspec Precision routinely invests whole days into the setting of machines for a customer’s prototype, while Ingenieur’s AS9001 aerospace accreditation reflects the “gold standard” for quality checks. In between those two extremes, there can be a wide range of possible jobs that may be lower volume but which still may be sufficiently complex as to require four or five different operations on different machines, which is where a full-service operation such as G&J comes into its element.